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How to install Ubuntu 16.10 in external HDD

Installing Ubuntu 16.10 (or other older versions) in an external HDD is a very simple and fast operation. There could be a lot of reasons for doing this and I’m going to show you how can you make it. You will need these things before starting: Your favorite Ubuntu release (For example you can download

Lara Croft explains Moore’s Law with Infographic

I was reading a videogame’s blog this afternoon when I saw a beautiful infographic about Lara Croft, the main character of Tomb Raider. This image shows how Lara changed during the years and I realized that these changes were perfect to explain the Moore’s Law with practical example. So I decided to post this infographic

Clock Rate calculation exercise with Solution

Problem: Our favorite program runs in 1.5 seconds on computer A, which has a 700 Mhz. Clock Rate. We are trying to help a computer designer build a new (faster) machine B. The designer can use new technology to substantially increase the clock rate, but has informed us that this increase will affect the rest