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New MongoDB Driver Manager tutorial for PHP

Quick tutorial for query like connecting, selecting and inserting in MondoDB using the new Driver Manager.

How to solve CPU stuck at 0.39Ghz

I bought my new Lenovo Laptop last year, with AMD Ryzen 2500U as CPU and after some months I started having a problem with the Processor, that is, sometimes it was stuck at 0.39Ghz or 0.70GHz.

[How-To] Bottom-Up Proof for Logical Consequence

This tutorial shows how to use the Bottom Up Proof Procedure for finding Logical Consequences in a Knowledge Base (KB). I don’t want to speak a lot about theory, but I will show a practical way for applying simply this algorithm. We know that KB |= g, where g is an atom of KB, if

Ruby | How to print Prime Numbers

I will show you quickly how to find and print a N amount of Prime Numbers in Ruby . Here’s the code: def prime(n) for i in 1...(n) isPrime = true for j in 2...(i) if i % j == 0 isPrime = false break end end if isPrime puts i end end end prime(100)

How to Find length of a List in Haskell

Hi guys, in these weeks I’m studying Haskell and Functional Programming in general and since I’m finding this language very interesting and funny I want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to solve common problems. In this post I want to show you how to find the length of a List

Find the missing number in two Arrays

PROBLEM: Let A,B be two Arrays. Suppose B is a sub-array of A and there is one element that appears only in A. Find the element of A that is missing in B. Example: A = 1, 5, 6, 3, 4, 2 B = 6, 3, 5, 1, 4 Output: 2 IDEA: If you want

Find the Number which occurs odd number of times

I’m practicing again with Algorithms and I’ve found an interesting Algorithmic Challenge named “Find the Number which occurs odd number of times in an Array”, so I have decided to try it and fortunately I solved it, but not without any problem. I want to show you what the challenge exactly was and the code

How to quickly check the Highest Normal Form

This tutorial is written for students who still have some notions about Functional Dependencies and Normal Forms.  Thus I will not explain what these concepts means, because you can find their definition in books and on the web. I write this article only for the ones that have to deal with Normal Forms exercises and

How to install Ubuntu 16.10 in external HDD

Installing Ubuntu 16.10 (or other older versions) in an external HDD is a very simple and fast operation. There could be a lot of reasons for doing this and I’m going to show you how can you make it. You will need these things before starting: Your favorite Ubuntu release (For example you can download

How to Update Ubuntu Bash in Windows 10

Since I wrote a a personal review about the new Ubuntu Linux Bash present in Windows 10 Anniversary, I want to show you also how to keep your Bash updated and upgraded. This is a simple and fast operation that could be fundamental in order to have a perfectly working Shell. I will divide this