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Windows 10 Anniversary: Ubuntu Bash Review

The new Windows 10 Update named 1607, also known as Windows Anniversary, is full of new features and improvement, in particular Redmond added the Ubuntu Linux Bash in his own Operating System.

Even if the Bash is still a beta, it has the more common features available in other Linux Systems like Ubuntu.

I tried it and i’m also using it and today i’m going to explain you the main features this Shell has and how reliable it is. (I will not explain how to install it, by the way if you need to know how, this is the tutorial by HowToGeek)


1. Fundamental commands tested:

  • cd
  • ls
  • cat
  • chmod
  • cp
  • mv
  • man
  • rm
  • > or >> (saves output of a command and write > or append >> in a file)
  • more
  • grep
  • bash

All of these commands work correctly, that is, there are a lot of other commands that probably works correctly, but that I didn’t yet tested.

2. Terminal’s programs included

The Terminal includes as well also famous and important line command software like Pico, useful for file operations.

3. Integration with Windows

The Bash creates a Home Directory and all files created using this Shell will be added in your home directory, but you can also manage and manipulate other files inside your entire Hard Disk, even those outside of your linux home directory.


1. Files permissions not perfectly showed

The permissions of a file are not perfectly represented and some error may appear in his visualization. For example even if you chmod something properly, when you use ls -l the Bash would not show the correct permissions previously applied.

2. “sudo su” VS Windows

This useful commands doesn’t work in the Shell and if you try it you will, at first receive a command line error, and second you have to restart your terminal because the command “cd” starts to work in a random way causing path problem.

3. Never use Windows GUI to manage the Ubuntu Home Directory

The Bash can use and manage the entire HDD, but if you try to create a Folder in your Linux Home Directory by using the Windows GUI (Right click on the mouse -> New Folder), it would be impossible to read and manage it. Don’t try this at home 😛


Even if this beta has some problems, in fact it is a beta, it is very well written and Microsoft is making a wonderful work. I hope new features and fix will be added, but yet is confortable and useful.

Remember that if the Ubuntu Bash on Windows doesn’t fit with your requirements and needs, you can simply install Ubuntu in an external HDD and use it when you need it.

Good job! 🙂