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How to Update Ubuntu Bash in Windows 10

Since I wrote a a personal review about the new Ubuntu Linux Bash present in Windows 10 Anniversary, I want to show you also how to keep your Bash updated and upgraded.

This is a simple and fast operation that could be fundamental in order to have a perfectly working Shell.

I will divide this tutorial in some easy step, and remember that if you have any kind of question or comment, feel free to write a message in the comment section below 🙂

  1. Open your Ubuntu Bash by writing Bash in the Windows Start Menu and clicking on “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”.
  2. Write “sudo apt-get update”
  3. An error about the host may occur, don’t worry about it, it’s normal.
  4. Insert your Ubuntu Account Password
  5. Wait for the downloads of all packages
  6. Write “sudo apt-get upgrade”
  7. The Bash will ask you for a confirm, write “s” and press Enter
  8. You have the Update and Upgrade succesfully completed!

In this way you will have everytime the last updates for your Ubuntu Bash.

Remember that other important updates may will added trough the classicals Windows Update packages.

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